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Mainalo Mountain, which was the main inspirational material for a multitude of myths, birthplace of the nymphs and goddesses, manages to gather large crowds thanks to its rich history, magnificent pine forest, the healthy climate and nature walks all year round. In spring enjoy the idyllic, green environment that spreads into the forest, where the trees set up the flavor and the atmosphere, highlighting the splendor of nature.

During the winter time, the Mainalon Ski Center provides the ideal sports and nature getaway, and is located only 25 km Tripoli City Hotel.

At 44 km from Tripoli you will find Vytina, which is known for its amazing restaurants, hot spots for coffee and sweets, quaint shops with local folk art and pure traditional products. In the vicinity, there are very beautiful villages, rivers, springs, historical monuments and monasteries that worth to be explored.

Stemnitsa – historically preserved village since 1985 - is an attraction by itself for its natural beauty and position but mainly for its traditional architecture, stone mansions, the view of the canyon, quaint cobbled streets, and old churches. A place with great historical value as it was declared the first capital of the revolted Greece. The long-standing tradition in the art of metal forming, gave birth to the great Public School of gold and silver design and forming. Rare trades and crafts appeared and evolved such as coppersmiths, blacksmiths and goldsmiths.

Dimitsana is the capital of Gortynia province. It is built at an altitude of 1,080 meters in the lap of Lucius River, in a small and beautiful place where the ancient times there was a large and flourishing city called Tefthis. Wander around the beautiful stone buildings, the serpentine downhill streets, bridges and watermills, the old monasteries with their Byzantine and ecclesiastical relics, the library with rare documents and codes. During the Ottoman Empire played a significant role in the "Secret School" and for the infamous production of Dimitsaniko Gunpowder.

Open Air Water Power Museum is an attraction that should not be missed. It is a thematic museum which highlights the importance of water-power in traditional society, an essential pre-industrial technique that uses water as the main energy source for the production of various products. The aim of the museum is to promote and preserve this part of local history, which is connected with the Revolution of 1821. Represents the type of gunpowder mills used in Dimitsana during the Revolution up until the early 20th century.

The cave in Kapsia, ranks among the most important caves in Greece. Located 10 km from Tripoli belongs to the complex system of the plateau sinks of Mantinea.

The Church of Agia Fotini is located about 12 km away from the city of Tripoli at the foot of the homonymous sanctuary of Artemis. The particular temple is built with materials from the archaeological site of the Ancient Mantinea and is constructed in such a way as to "marry" harmonious Byzantine, and ancient Egyptian architectural elements.

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